Cleaning “The Bucket Method”

The “Bucket Method” of cleaning works incredibly well – on several levels!

Prep Work:  Every family member has their very own personalized and decorated bucket.  That’s it…prep work done!

Game:  Everyone stands at the doorway of the room.  The youngest shouts, “Ready…Set” and everyone shouts “GO!”  You race to the middle of the room and drop your bucket.  Then you run around the room as fast as you can picking up everything that DOESN’T belong in that room!  At the end of just a couple of minutes, your room is neat again!

In our house, a couple of things can happen at this point.  1. I will sort through the items in all the buckets quickly and rearrange them, putting items the 2 year old can put away in her bucket, items the 3 year old can put away in his bucket and so forth.  I put the non-toy items in my bucket.   Game:  Everyone stands at the doorway facing out and the game begins again but this time putting the items away that are in the buckets.  Option 2. I will collect the buckets and stack them in a corner and put all the items away as I find time throughout the day.  The point is THE ROOM IS NEAT AND TIDY, everyone helped…and everyone had FUN!

{shhhhh…here’s the secret…if company is coming, play the first part of the game, then looking over your shoulder to be certain no one is watching, find a closet to stash the buckets in and Viola’, the house is tidy and no one but you knows about all the stuff in the buckets hidden behind the winter coats!}

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