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CLOSETS.  closets.  C.L.O.S.E.T.S.  closets.  No matter how you do it, just saying it, typing it or reading it invokes fear in 99% of us!  Many of us want to go crawl into one when we think about others seeing our closets.  As women, we have many problems with closets and I am no exception.  Instead of showing you my amazing organization skills <insert laugh here>, I’ll start with showing you that I am, in fact, human – just like you.  So, we’ll start with confessions….in my closet you will find dress suits in every color.  Beautiful suits, with matching jackets, skirts and pants along with their coordinating blouses.  Here is the problem…they are 2 sizes (okay – 3 sizes) too small and they WILL ALWAYS BE at least 2 (or 3) sizes too small!  I have a collection of clothes that spans 8 sizes.  Counting it out that means I have sizes covering 4,6,8,10,12,14 and 16.   Now, I know in my heart I will never wear the 4′s again, but I haven’t let them go.  For me it is not an issue of space.  I have enough space to keep them so I have kept them.  For me it is an issue of nostalgia.  Those were the clothes I wore before children…in those 10 years of life with my husband being D.I.N.K.S. (Dual Income No Kids)  Confession, part 2, I haven’t worn a single one in nearly 6 years!  My dress code now is blue jeans or pajamas!  My stockings and nylons are now being utilized on the dryer vent rather than on the legs!  So why are they still here?

My philosophy is this…if it doesn’t cause a problem – THEN LEAVE IT.  Don’t waste your time on things that don’t matter.  If, on the other hand it causes you stress – then we must MAKE A CHANGE.  The simplest, most cost effective way to update your closet is this:  Get rid of everything you haven’t worn in 12 months.  (Yes, save the little black dress – even if it doesn’t fit:-)  Then, at your local home improvement store you will find the wire closet shelves.  If you buy the long pieces, take my advice and have them cut it in the store!  A lesson in futility is using a hacksaw to cut them down to size.  (My attempt to be self-sufficient in this venture. Forget that and hit the service button!)  Installing shelves 12-14″ apart (above to below) might seem excessive, but in the long run it is easier to find and access your clothes.  Of course, we are always on a budget so we never quite get what we want, do we?  Installing them 20″ apart will give you plenty of space for nearly half the cost.  Then fold and stack…fold and stack!!  For more information, keep checking back or contact me directly!

Closet Shelves

This was a nice corner area that lended itself well to deep shelves. Stacking to the ceiling provides ample space even though a step ladder is required. Living in Mid-Missouri means that you can never really pack away the opposite seasons' clothes. It is the end of January yet it was 67 degrees today! Welcome to Missouri!

  • Linen Closet

    Linen Closet

    My laundry room has this cute little closet in it.  However, it wasn’t very useful or functional because I didn’t have easy access to it.  To improve the access and the number of ways I could use the space  -  we took the door off.  A quick coat of paint on the door frame to match the walls makes it look like a space that isn’t “missing” the door!

    As you can see, this is my storage area for clean sheets & blankets.  Over the years I have collected those zippered bags that blankets & comforters come in and re-purposed them here.  They keep the linens together and dust free!  Throw a dryer sheet into the zippered bag and your sheets will smell like they were just washed yesterday!

    Using the wire shelves with a drop lip provides the perfect place to hang my empty hangers so they are ready and waiting for perm-press day!    ***Don’t be afraid to remove doors or adjust shelves.   Making your space more functional for YOU is the point!!!  ***

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