Cleaning & Clutter Control

Cleaning and clutter control is one of those areas that causes daily stress for most of us. If we are home with our children, we cook and serve three meals per day, plus snacks. The children have 24 hours to get into everything and drag it all over every square foot we have. If you are like me, your frustrations run high when you return to a room and cannot see more than 6 square inches of the carpet – and all this happens in 10 minutes flat!

My solutions are simple, cheap and quite effective. I’ve been using them for the last 3 years and my children are experts. There have been a few on-site (in-house) jobs that had small children so I took my oldest two with me. At that time they were 4 and 2. It was a beautiful thing!! My sweet little babies teaching other little babies how to pick up and put away toys, how to sweep, clean the bathtub and fold socks. They best part about it is that they LOVE doing it! No, no, no, I’m not joking!!! They love it! My bet is that with my solutions, yours will love it too!!!

Cleaning Buckets

The easiest way to keep little ones busy while at the same time ensuring they are not creating more work is to engage them in your work! For no more than a little elbow grease, we have developed the "Bucket Method" of clutter control and daily clean-up. These buckets are re-purposed icing buckets decorated and personalized. Here's the game:

  • Daily "Pick Two"

    Housework is a never-ending project. Curtains come standard with houses now, not “Staff.” Trying to get all of the day-to-day chores done can be utterly overwhelming. Why not take a new approach?? The Daily “Pick Two” schedule presents……….

    Be sure to check out the eDocuments section to find my Daily Pick Two schedule.

  • Cleaning Buckets

    Cleaning Buckets

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