A New Beginning

As I sit here on the eve of a new beginning, I reflect on the journey to get to this point.  A journey full of happiness and sadness, laughter and tears.  I remember fits of despair and moments of peace.  The most profound lesson I have learned from the last few years is that children will make your heart grow and that once the basic human needs are met, nothing in life matters except the people in it.

So what am I doing here?  If only the people matter, why am I bothering with this new adventure?  (A question I’ve struggled with…)  But in a short, simple and sweet answer – Because sometimes people get hung up on the wrong priority.  I’ve seen it – I’ve felt the pain personally.  Stress, stuff, expectations, disappointments and failures all add unnecessary walls in relationships.  We’ve all seen it.  I’ll tell you right now, I am not a relationship expert.  But what  I can tell you from personal experience, once you re-evaluate your priorities, learn your “stressors” and develop a “POA” (Plan-Of-Attack) you can get yours priorities back in line so that you are doing what needs to be done in the background so you can focus on the real priorities (the people in your life!)

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