Linen Closet

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Linen Closet

My laundry room has this cute little closet in it.  However, it wasn’t very useful or functional because I didn’t have easy access to it.  To improve the access and the number of ways I could use the space  -  we took the door off.  A quick coat of paint on the door frame to match the walls makes it look like a space that isn’t “missing” the door!

As you can see, this is my storage area for clean sheets & blankets.  Over the years I have collected those zippered bags that blankets & comforters come in and re-purposed them here.  They keep the linens together and dust free!  Throw a dryer sheet into the zippered bag and your sheets will smell like they were just washed yesterday!

Using the wire shelves with a drop lip provides the perfect place to hang my empty hangers so they are ready and waiting for perm-press day!    ***Don’t be afraid to remove doors or adjust shelves.   Making your space more functional for YOU is the point!!!  ***

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