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Daily “Pick Two”

Housework is a never-ending project. Curtains come standard with houses now, not “Staff.” Trying to get all of the day-to-day chores done can be utterly overwhelming. Why not take a new approach?? The Daily “Pick Two” schedule presents……….

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A few nights ago I was relaxing and visiting with my mom-friends and the discussion evolved into an analysis of our connections to our children on a daily basis. Are we engaging our children more often than not…or do we sometimes find ourselves just co-existing with our children? With all that is expected of us, we must sometimes shuffle our priorities on a daily basis. As the chores pile up, we might be inclined to let the children do their own thing, while we catch up on our household duties. I have found myself in this position and I can tell you, the mommy-guilt I feel afterwards is horrendous. I am going to bet that at some point, you too have felt this way too. If you are like me, you might feel that letting the children play by themselves for more than a couple of hours is bordering on child-neglect! However, every child psychologist should be able to give you a dozen or more reasons why children NEED to learn to play on their own. You will NOT emotionally harm your children if you take a couple of days out of every month and focus on the chores.

Now, on the other hand, if you want to engage your children and get some help with the chores, I can help you present it in such a way that your children will want, ask and even beg to help! Think I’m kidding?? I’m NOT! My kids fight – yes, FIGHT over the broom and dust pan. They fight over who gets to clean the bathtub! They fight over who gets to fold the socks! The number one way to get your children on board with

Repurposing for the bathroom

Not exactly Pottery Barn, but completely functional organizers for the countertops…these little black cubbies are CD storage racks from old-fashioned zippered CD bags

Linen Closet

Linen Closet

My laundry room has this cute little closet in it.  However, it wasn’t very useful or functional because I didn’t have easy access to it.  To improve the access and the number of ways I could use the space  -  we took the door off.  A quick coat of paint on the door frame to match the walls makes it look like a space that isn’t “missing” the door!

As you can see, this is my storage area for clean sheets & blankets.  Over the years I have collected those zippered bags that blankets & comforters come in and re-purposed them here.  They keep the linens together and dust free!  Throw a dryer sheet into the zippered bag and your sheets will smell like they were just washed yesterday!

Using the wire shelves with a drop lip provides the perfect place to hang my empty hangers so they are ready and waiting for perm-press day!    ***Don’t be afraid to remove doors or adjust shelves.   Making your space more functional for YOU is the point!!!  ***

Art Tree

Art Tree

Need a place to display those fabulous creations your children make?  We turned white space into a “Wall of Art” by creating our very own “Art Tree!”  With a few Command Hooks strategically placed, you will be able to present beautiful artwork in a very classy manner.  The best part is that the children will be able to change out their displays as often as they like!